Uses both propane gas and charcoal!!The Stainless Steel Hood Addition for our popular Stainless Steel Spit Roasters!This is currently the LARGEST Enclosed Spit Roaster available on the market!Designed for both Personal and Commercial Use!With two fully adjustable infrared back burners, it has never been easier to roast pigs, chickens, goats, lambs, etc .Gas Temperature Range: 175 F-400 FMade fr...
Blue stained glass lamp and matching frame
30 Ounce Glitter Rambler Tumbler With Lid I have red,,pink and white glitter cups. I have Galaxy pink galaxy purple and galaxy blue. I also have Solid, straight colors in Mint, light blue pink and red. I have 3 different hombre chromes, & Gold & rose gold Chrome,
Super nice CuisineArt grill tongs with bright blue/teal silicone grips and tongs! Perfect for the summertime and for the grill master in your life!
We used this maybe 3 times and realized it's the wrong style of mandoline we were looking for. All pieces are included, I just was unable to get them to go back into the box the same way they came out. Includes an organizer for all blade inserts, a little stand and a safety guard that helps keep food in place while slicing.
The large bowl above was cracked in 3 places, and I filled them in with E3000 but have not tested it to see if it holds liquids with out leaking. The containers are an assortment of shapes and sizes, and I honestly don't know if there are equal amounts of lids to containers. And as for the blender motor and lid, I for the life of me can't find the actual blender part so I gave up. Free to anyon...
One yellow cup does show cracking, but does not leak. The black, pink and yellow cups are sets of 2. PPU East Highland Park
My husband bought this in Japan 5 years ago and literally has never used it! Still has wrapping on it! Downsizing and this guy NEEDS a new home!
Downsizing and we don't use this anymore. I'm not positive how much this holds. Has a beautiful stand, removable top and very sturdy glass, simple and pretty and to the point! Spout is plastic.
Unsure of the sizes of these guys. They do both have some rust on them, mostly on the outside of the pot and lid. We have used the pan a handful of times and the pot came off this site but we never used it. These guys are just waiting for someone to show them some love!
Super adorable brand new travel mug that includes an even more adorable mini flask! Perfect gift or use for yourself and have a mini party everywhere you go!
Downsizing and no longer use these. They are well loved but still have a ton of life in them!!
Hammock is over 4 feet wind. Stand is powder coated light clay. Also Includes tie on hammock pillow in natural color.
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plastic and metal, a few are antique
1.5-2 each
Power Rangers, Pochahantas, Peanuts- Snoopy
Easter cookie cutters
animals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, miscellaneous
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