Found in pretty rough shape, matted and with injured eyes, Save-A-Pet was there for me. As soon as I got there, I knew I didnt have to worry about anything. I spent some time in a loving foster home and my foster mom wrote a detailed account of how m...
Braille is a fantastic dog that lost her eyes to blunt force trauma. Shhhh dont tell her though because she has no idea and does not care. She gets around beautifully and responds to verbal command. She is a absolute love. She likes car rides, walks ...


She is a pretty Carmel color with white paws and a whiter face. Absolutely cute. I have to go to work full time and I cant give her the attention that she deserves. I live in Illinois, so she would need to be picked up or I can meet up to 1 hour. They tell me she is a cross between a shit Zu and a Lhasa.
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